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Cherie works with clients in her office in Fort Collins, Colorado, as well as virtually with clients all over the world. 


After we do the initial assessment, Cherie uses light, sound, and frequency therapies to return the body to its natural state of balance. Some of the tools Cherie uses are:

  • Nonlinear Scanning Device

  • Photon Light Therapy

  • Quantum Nutritional Assessment Using the Quantum Resonance Nutritional Analyzer

  • Resonant Light Technology

  • Meridian Energy Analysis Device (MEAD)

  • Photon Wave Plus Light Simulator

  • Biomat 7000

  • Quantum Resonance Bioscan

  • Total Body Recharge with the Tennant Biomodulator Pro

  • Autonomic Nervous System Reset


Where Do I Start?

We will start with a detailed bioenergetic assessment. Cherie will use a variety of technology to evaluate the state of the human body and determine  what can be done energetically and nutritionally to return the body to optimal health.

Please plan two hours for the initial assessment.

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