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What does it mean to ‘be in coherence’ in our physical bodies?

What happens when toxins, pathogens, and daily stressors block the proper flow of energy and information in the human body? Illness happens. Dysregulation of the natural systems of the body throws the body out of alignment and into a state of non-coherence. Once the body loses this coherence, or consistency, something must be done to guide it back to its coherent state or unhealthiness and illness can develop.

Once toxic and unhealthy, the body simply cannot find its way back to baseline without some interventions.

Simply Synched LLC has created a bioenergetic assessment program which can identify areas of lost coherence in all the bodies systems. Once the reason for the lost coherence is discovered, an individualized plan for restoring vitality will be implemented, and a follow up evaluation to review the wellness plan will be included. Go ahead; give it a try. See how Cherie Henderson, wellness practitioner, can show you how to balance your energy, increase your vitality, and maintain your natural state of health and coherence.

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