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Good Health Starts Here

Moving from Illness to Wellness

-> Are you suffering from health issues that aren't improving?
-> Have you consulted doctors but are still not getting better?

If you are ready to open the door to healing and wellness,
you're in the right place.


Avoid Saying:

"My Cancer" - "My Diabetes" - "My Depression" - "My Anxiety"
"My Bipolar Disorder" - "My Asthma" - "My Fibro" etc.

These things don't belong to you.
They're not your property.
They're just something you experience and can heal from.


Cherie Henderson,
Wellness Practitioner

Cherie was so sick of being sick. After years of illness going from one doctor to another to no avail; she discovered bioenergetics. She began using many different energy modalities to progress through her own healing crisis and it worked. So, after tuning in to ENERGY and whole health nutrition to remedy her health problems; Cherie now offers her knowledge to help others who are searching for wellness and energetic balance in their lives. ​ She has spent 30 years as an RN and over 6 years learning different holistic healing modalities relating to bioenergetics. Light, frequency, and sound therapies are just a few of them. Cherie is always learning, discovering, and sharing her knowledge with her clients. ​ It’s simple really. Keep your body simply synched, emotionally energized, and nutritionally balanced and the body will do the rest.

Is This Right for You?

-> Do you have chronic pain or symptoms that won't go away?

-> Have you tried treatments prescribed by doctors or other health practitioners without getting the results you need?

-> Are your health symptoms negatively impacting your life?


Are you suffering with an ongoing health challenge, such as:

  • lyme

  • cancer

  • fibromyalgia

  • chronic fatigue

  • chronic pain

  • or any other illness which kidnaps vitality?


"I'm a competitive athlete in multiple sports and a biohacker, and Cherie is my go to person any time I need help. She's helped me recover from injuries, sicknesses, and has taken me to another level health wise overall. I am definitely grateful for everything she's done for me! If you're lucky enough to work with her, you'll come out a thousand times better!"

- Travis H.

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